Wolf Muscle is a luxury muscle fit menswear brand based in the United Kingdom. Born from a passion for sport, fitness and a desire to create clothing for the athletes to wear outside the gym, off the track, and when they aren’t training.

Conceived by Darren Collinson in 2017 from his bedroom, and his garden shed. Wolf Muscle has grown into an international brand loved by athletes around the world.

We believe in empowering people to be better, and that everyone can become an athlete. 

Specialising in the muscle fit we create clothing designed to accentuate your physique, tailored for your athletic frame. So you can show off the hard work you have put into training. Our clothing is ideal for daily living and smart dress so you can look your best for every occasion. 

At Wolf Muscle we value a commitment to strive and push ourselves to be better everyday, and we aim to inspire others to do the same.

Be all you can be and more. Lead the pack. 

Wolf Muscle