Muscle Fit VS Slim Fit

Finding the right fit can be a challenge, we all come in different shapes and sizes and finding clothing that fits your body just right isn’t always easy.

Clothing is often made in standardised fits with regular fit, and slim fit being two of the most well-known.

But there are also other fits such as relaxed fit and muscle fit, and even relaxed fit.

So what is a slim fit?

A slim fit is made for people with slim, slender and skinny body types, and it is designed to fit the body quite closely.

Slim fit tops usually have narrow shoulders, with slightly higher armholes. They are shaped at the waist to fit closer to the body.

Slim fit pants are usually narrow through the thigh, and are close fitting to show the shape of the leg.

Is slim fit the same as muscle fit?

Slim fit is different to a muscle fit, although similar because they are both intended to fit close to the body.

However, a slim fit is intended for people with slim, slender and skinny body types. So a slim fit on a skinny person will often to good, but on a person with a bigger frame, and more muscular frame it can look too tight or not fit at all.

The reason for this is because a muscle fit tops will accommodate for broader shoulders and an overall bigger upper body frame, whereas slim fit tops are cut for smaller upper bodies.

Sometimes a person with a bigger frame, and more muscular body can pull off a slim fit top, though it can be inconsistent for people with muscular and bigger frames.

Another difference is that a slim fit is aimed at fitting close to the body, whereas a muscle fit is intended to be fitted to the body.

What is muscle fit clothing?

Muscle fit clothing is designed to be fitted to the body, this is done by the cut and material which often is made with some stretch.

A muscle fit top should be form-fitting and allow a bit extra room for the upper body to accommodate for a more muscular or bigger upper body.

Muscle fit pants should also be form-fitting to the legs and provide more room for the thigh, and quads.

Unfortunately, muscle fits T Shirts, Muscle Fit Shirts, and other Muscle Fit Trousers aren’t always made to the quality or standard than you might expect. Sometimes they are too constricting, other times the quality of the material is rough and of poor quality.

Does muscle fit look good?

A muscle fit looks great when done correctly, a good muscle fit will be fitted to the body, without being overly constricting, and made using high quality materials.

Muscle fit clothing can be worn by anybody who likes a fitted look, but looks even better for people with a muscular physique.

A great muscle fit will provide a form fitting muscle contoured look. Which is ideal for showing off gains from the gym, providing a physique complementing look.

Muscle Fit Shirts

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