Athletic Fit VS Muscle Fit

What is an athletic fit?

Athletic fit clothing is designed to be fitted to the body, they are usually made with some stretch in the material. Not dissimilar to muscle fit clothing, but while muscle fit is designed to accommodate extra muscle, and bigger upper bodies, athletic fit clothing is often tight for people with a muscular physique.

What’s the difference between slim fit and athletic fit?

While slim fit clothing is made for people with a slim and slender frame, athletic fit clothing is made for people with an athletic frame.

Athletic builds and slim, slender builds are not too dissimilar, if you picture a soccer player, or runner body type then that is what an athletic fit is aimed at.

For people in the early stages of building their dream body, they may find that they quickly outgrow their athletic fit T-Shirt, athletic fit shirt, or athletic fit pants.

An athletic fit T Shirt or Shirt for example has a similar cut in the arms to a slim fit, and the upper body is cut like a slim fit t shirt, this can result in discomfort for anyone with muscular arms or a muscular chest, back and shoulders.

Likewise, the Athletic fit Trousers and Pants, they aren’t made for people with muscular legs, and anyone training and building muscle in their quads, thigh, and other leg muscles may find they quickly outgrow them.

Is slim fit the same as muscle fit?

Slim fit is different to a muscle fit, although similar because they are both intended to fit close to the body.

However, a slim fit is intended for people with slim, slender and skinny body types. So a slim fit on a skinny person will often to good, but on a person with a bigger frame, and more muscular frame it can look too tight or not fit at all.

The reason for this is because muscle fit tops will accommodate for broader shoulders and an overall bigger upper body frame, whereas slim fit tops are cut for smaller upper bodies.

Sometimes a person with a bigger frame, and more muscular body can pull off a slim fit top, though it can be inconsistent for people with muscular and bigger frames.

Another difference is that a slim fit is aimed at fitting close to the body, whereas a muscle fit is intended to be fitted to the body.

What is muscle fit clothing?

Muscle fit clothing is designed to be fitted to the body, this is done by the cut and material which often is made with some stretch.

A muscle fit top should be form-fitting and allow a bit extra room for the upper body to accommodate for a more muscular or bigger upper body.

Muscle fit pants should also be form-fitting to the legs and provide more room for the thigh, and quads.


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