5 Muscle Building Foods - To Help You Stack On Lean Muscle

If you want to gain muscle or maintain your existing muscle, then diet and nutrition is essential. You can have the best workout regime in the world but if you’re not eating the right foods your hard work training most likely won't show. 

As you're probably aware muscles need protein to repair and grow, so we’ve put together 5 of our favourite muscle building foods that are stacked with protein.

1. Eggs

Eggs are rich in high quality protein, they contain 9 essential amino acids that contribute to muscle building.

Eggs as part of a healthy balanced diet, can help provide you with the many nutrients your body needs to support muscle recovery.

Eggs Muscle Foods

2. Almonds

If your goal is to build lean muscle mass, then you might want to add almonds to your diet.

Almonds are a high quality nutrition source that contain protein and healthy unsaturated fats. Almonds alone might not make a perfect meal but they do make a healthy snack that contributes to your daily protein intake, to help increase lean body mass.

Almonds Muscle Building Foods

3. Salmon

Salmon is high in protein and can contribute to muscle gain, it also has important B vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids that play an important role in muscular health.

Healthy Muscle Foods

4. Beef

Beef is a muscle building food that is full of high-quality protein, minerals, B vitamins and creatine. 

For optimal muscle gain, lean ground beef provides protein without the unnecessary extra calories.  

Bodybuilding Muscle Foods

5. Chicken

Packed with high quality protein, chicken is considered by many as an essential part of their diet for muscle gain.

Chicken contains niacin, B vitamins and B6 which help to contribute to your body function when carrying out physical activity that’s optimal for building muscle.

Muscle Building Foods

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